Introduction To Caring For Tropical Freshwater Fishes

Hi guys! For the new and upcoming hobbyists and aquarium owners, we decided we will like to share some advice on caring for your tropical freshwater fishes.

The most fundamental factor of this aspect of caring for freshwater fishes is the water quality. The potential hobbyist should inquire or research the optimum conditions for the particular fish thrive best. This knowledge will enable one to decide and determine the best PH condition of the water for the fish of his choice. Different types of fishes thrive best varying PH condition, hence the origin /native place it is sourced from, will give you a very good idea of the best water PH you should have and maintain. Best water conditions means good health and vibrance. It translates into the best color displays in the aquarium.

Water quality also includes the maintenance of waste / toxicity. Fish waste means levels of ammonia / nitrates / nitrites. These are very dangerous to the health of fishes as high levels result in death and though some fishes may have some tolerance it is still susceptible to bacteria and fungal infections. The immunity defenses of the fish is compromised. Therefore to deal with the ammonium nitrates /nitrites, it is imperative that you have an efficient internal or external filter system.

Some aquarist include plants into the aquarium which feed on the waste products and help maintain a toxic free environment. The above video by BigAlsPets, also highlights some means and methods to achieving this.

Food quality is also important for excellent fish health. Some fishes prefer plant base foods, some both plant and animal base foods and others live food. Once you have a fair idea of the above mentioned factors you are on your way to the most exciting and fascinating hobby for a life time.

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