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Treating Ich on Freshwater Fishes

Ich is an external parasite which manifests itself on the body, fins and gills of fishes in the form of tiny small white spots. It may be similar as if the body of the fish is covered with sugar.

Fishes afflicted with this disease are highly contagious and should a single fish be infected, the entire tank should be quarantined immediately. All nets and equipment that has made contact with this water should be sterilized immediately to prevent spread to your other tanks. If left untreated it can be fatal.

Ich Characteristics include:

  • White spots covering the body.
  • Highly contagious.
  • Untreated can cause death.
  • Manifests usually when fishes are stressed and weak.

How Can It Be Treated?

  • Raising tank temperature. We have observed that 32 degrees celcius is effective.
  • Treat water with salt.
  • Ensure there is circulation.
  • Perform frequent water changes.
  • Ich Medication (Azoo).

Check out this clip on identifying and treating Ich.

Source: Prime Time Aquatics

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