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Update For Our T&T Customers

Due to the ongoing pandemic in Trinidad and Tobago and that borders are still currently closed, this has resulted in the delays of imports.

We appreciate you all reaching out to us and please continue to do so, however due to this circumstance we are temporarily unable to replenish stock of certain exotics. As a result, you may already begin to observe this being reflected on our site via the stock status on the fishes you are looking at.

With regards to the existing stock, as usual, online orders will continue to be fulfilled as a first come first serve basis via orders placed here on our site whilst stock last.

However do not despair, this time has not been wasted, there are great things to come from us here @ Ish Tropicals once the country recovers and things normalize.

Drop us your inquiries and concerns in comments below or even just to share your own tank with us.

We love hearing from you all!