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Top Fishes For Your Community Tank

A community tank is one in which there is little to no aggressiveness displayed from the various species, resulting in an overall peaceful tank.

Here are some our picks for creating a beautiful exotic community fish tank from as little as 20 gallon tanks.

  • Loaches
  • Exotic Plecos
  • Apistogramas
  • Bettas
Yo-Yo Loach @ Ish Tropicals
  • Exotic Guppies
  • Rams
  • Tetras
  • Platies and Mollies
Red Tail Black Shark @ Ish Tropicals

We found the following video which offers great alternatives and supports our views. Check it out below.

Source: KG Tropicals

What do you guys think? Send us your suggestions if you would like to amend our above list.

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