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Creating Your Own Peacock Tank

Sunshine Peacock

Alot of you all managed to deplete our peacocks stock during this COVID period and we are very happy to know that we are your go-to dealer for your Peacock cichlids. So lets run through some of the basics on caring for your peacocks.

Typically, a beautiful ‘show’ tank great for your prized possessions to display will consist of a variety of male peacocks. Males are very beautiful and possess vibrant colors whereas females have little to none. An all-male tank can consist of various types of peacocks, for example a single tank can consist of stawberry, yellow, blue and sulphur head peacocks of the same size. This is to critical in order to deter any fighting among themselves.

Peacocks are very beautiful freshwater cichlids capable of growing up to 6 inches in length. They have a very semi-aggressive temperament and display a beautiful variety of colors especially in a very well balanced tank. Well balance here refers to a tank:

  • Adequate Space.
  • Proper Lighting.
  • Proper Filtration.
  • Horizontal Tank as these guys are active swimmers.
  • PH between 7.8 to 8.4.
  • Artificially Planted (optional) – peacocks are omnivorous.

A planted tank (artificial) can also be done for them as this will not only enhance the tank’s aesthetics but all provide cover for them should they feel threatened. Routine water change practices should be adhered to.

To get the best from your peacocks, their tank should consist of substrate and caves as these fishes like to sift through the substrate and rocks (not limited to) can be positioned to create caves and hiding areas. Lastly being omnivorous, peacocks can have a both a plant and live food diet. Fresh and or frozen food can be offered to them in addition to small live food.

OB Peacock
Live OB Peacock @ Ish Tropicals.

Drop us your inquiries or concerns or even just to share your own tank with us!

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Care Tips For Your Flowerhorn

To begin, Flowerhorns are very tough and easy fishes to care for, being very tolerant to water and temperature changes. We have experienced that they are an ideal aquatic pet and become incredibly domestic.

Flowerhorns are hybrid fishes, man made, and are not found in the wild. As a result breeding our Triple A grade flowerhorns, may not necessarily produce the same fish. I am sure some of you guys are familiar with this.

Red Dragon Flowerhorn
Source: Ish Tropicals

They are capable of growing up to 12 inches with a lifespan of up to 12 years. Different types of Flowerhorns include:


Live Food

Tank Dynamics

It is recommended that they be kept singly in atleast a 55 Gallon tank with proper filtration. Being aggressive, they should not have any tank mates.

However, we have been able to get them to coexist with peacocks, possible as they have been together since the Flowerhorn was around 3 inches.

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Top Fishes For Your Community Tank

A community tank is one in which there is little to no aggressiveness displayed from the various species, resulting in an overall peaceful tank.

Here are some our picks for creating a beautiful exotic community fish tank from as little as 20 gallon tanks.

  • Loaches
  • Exotic Plecos
  • Apistogramas
  • Bettas
Yo-Yo Loach @ Ish Tropicals
  • Exotic Guppies
  • Rams
  • Tetras
  • Platies and Mollies
Red Tail Black Shark @ Ish Tropicals

We found the following video which offers great alternatives and supports our views. Check it out below.

Source: KG Tropicals

What do you guys think? Send us your suggestions if you would like to amend our above list.

Drop us your inquiries and concerns in comments below or even just to share your own tank with us.

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All Male African Peacocks

An all male African peacock tank is the ultimate desire of most aulonocara fans . The splendor and excitement of the blazing colours in possessing an assortment of different colours is a sight to behold . Once you have blessed your eyes on seeing such a tank, it immediately impacts on your already driven passion to work towards having a tank filled with mentioned peacocks .

In order to work towards such a rewardable objective, you have to consider the following basic things:

  • Tank Size.
  • Water Quality.
  • Filtration
  • Aeration.
  • Rocky Formations.

It is a well known fact that Aulonocara peacocks are one of the least aggressive cichlids in their category. what is important to is that they tend to show aggression towards similar colour variations. So it may be prudent to source distinct colors as much as possible .

O.B Peacocks.

Tank Size

Your tank size may allow you the privilege to have more fishes of similar colors as they will have more space to escape belligerent behavior from some fishes.

The rocks provides refuge and the size of tank enables escape. Since there is no competition for females that element for aggression is out. I have managed more than fifty peacocks in a six feet tank ( 6 x 18 x 18 ) . I placed them in the tank at the size of 2.5 ” and very quickly a sort of hierarchy order is established. From then on you have a tank with a well managed aggression issue .

Please don’t be tempted to over stock you tank with small size fishes as they grow pretty fast when well treated and you end up in a position of too many fishes some months later as they grow. Be careful about the what they say about more more fishes less aggression which is somewhat true but you certainly don’t want an over crowded tank.

Best tank sizes for us are the regular 4 feet and six feet sizes. Peacocks love to swim about and they require sufficient room to do so . They are territorial and tend to have control of certain areas of the tank.

Water Quality

Water quality is fundamental importance as in all aquariums . It is best to have regular partial water changes to maintain optimum water quality. . You must ensure also that aeration is sufficient and there is not too strong a current flow.


This function in your aquarium is what sustains the quality of life of all your fishes . Regular checks to your top filter or sump is a must. Ensure you have good filter media so bacteria can populate and deal with the ammonia issues in an efficient manner .


  • Moderate is better.
  • Once a day is good.
  • Twice a day is possible but ensure you don’t over feed.
  • High protein may not be a good idea.
  • Offer a balanced plant and animal protein diet for best health.

Here are some good guidelines by Kaveman Aquatics.

Drop us your inquiries and concerns in comments below or even just to share your own tank with us.

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Benefits of Owning Your Own Aquarium.

Fishes are some of the most beautiful pets you can have in your home and can easily become the main attraction or focal point of any room. An aquarium at your work, especially your home or living area, is also perceived as good luck and symbolizes wealth.

However, have you noticed that there are aquariums placed in waiting rooms, doctors and health offices, lawyer offices etc ? This is because there are numerous health benefits to this as well which includes:

Reduces Stress
Looking an at aquarium promotes a very peaceful ambiance and can help calm those in the room. Managing your stress is crucial to your overall well-being. A well lighted, decorated, planted tank with colorful fishes can be extremely affected.

Promotes better quality of sleep
Quality sleep is critical for revitalizing and rejuvenating the mind and body for long term health betterment. Looking at your tank before bed can help calm your mind and body and help get you into that sleep state/mood.

A Customer’s Peacock Tank.

Helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate.
The calming and peaceful ambiance of your aquarium can also aid in reducing your blood pressure and heart rate. A study by University of Exeter (2015) mentions that looks at aquarium displays led to noticeable reductions in blood pressure and heart rate in addition to that higher numbers of fish helped to hold people’s attention for longer and improve their moods.

Promotes Responsibility
Especially for those of you with kids, having a home aquarium can teach responsibility, nature, biology and caring of aquatic life. To have an aquarium will mean you need to be clean the tank, perform water changes as necessary, feed fishes on time, observe the environment etc.

A Customer’s Peacock Tank.

Boost Morale
Aquariums in the work environment can promote morale and productivity. Whether its a restaurant, movie theater, office, dentist or doctor’s office, having a truly stunning aquarium setup can grab the attentions of many around and bring people towards your establishment. Hence, some of you guys may already have seen this in practice.

Improves focus and creativity
A beautiful, lighted and active tank can be just what you need to take our mind of dealing or working through an issue for a few minutes, preventing any mental burnout/fatigue and frustration. Hence, it can boost focus and creativity in the workplace or home office promoting productivity.

With various ways home aquariums enhance our lives….why wouldn’t you want one?