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Care Tips For Your Flowerhorn

To begin, Flowerhorns are very tough and easy fishes to care for, being very tolerant to water and temperature changes. We have experienced that they are an ideal aquatic pet and become incredibly domestic.

Flowerhorns are hybrid fishes, man made, and are not found in the wild. As a result breeding our Triple A grade flowerhorns, may not necessarily produce the same fish. I am sure some of you guys are familiar with this.

Red Dragon Flowerhorn
Source: Ish Tropicals

They are capable of growing up to 12 inches with a lifespan of up to 12 years. Different types of Flowerhorns include:


Live Food

Tank Dynamics

It is recommended that they be kept singly in atleast a 55 Gallon tank with proper filtration. Being aggressive, they should not have any tank mates.

However, we have been able to get them to coexist with peacocks, possible as they have been together since the Flowerhorn was around 3 inches.

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An Amazing Transformation: Ryan’s Red Dragon

A great day to all our clients, hobbyists and enthusiasts. We just had to share with you all what we have to say is an exceptional demonstration of Growth, Development and Care of a Red Dragon Flowerhorn purchased @ Ish Tropicals by a very good client of ours about 8 – 9 months ago.



The following are some details this young and talented hobbyist shared with us on how he performed this transformation.

DietHikari Cichlid Gold. A high protein diet.
TankBasic 40 Gallon Breeder tank.
Good food, regular water changes and good filtration.
Client Comments

Very fun and interactive fish. Very aggressive but you can pet him lol

R. Mussio
An Amazing Dragon From A Talented Hobbyist.

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